HEALTHY SHADES OF GREEN is about natural remedies available in our kitchen that can be used as an alternative treatment for health problems specially for those people suffering from side effects and complications from using orthodox medical treatments.


That’s the same question that i asked myself when i shift to natural treatments from relying on over the counter medication. I’ll give three reasons that you should consider and think about too.

  • PRICE – I know everyone will agree with me on this. Yes it’s cheaper! compared to over the counter medicine, and it’s not only cheap, sometimes it’s free if you have your own garden.


  • AVAILABILITY – We can find most of it inside our own kitchen. There are remote areas here in the Philippines like in our province (Romblon) for instance that do not have close by drugstores. If we run out of paracetamol in our medicine cabinet we need to travel for an hour going to town to get it. Instead of making the sick person suffer while waiting for the medicine to be available, get help from nature!


  • ADVERSE EFFECTS & COMPLICATIONS – More and more people are becoming aware of the side effects of OTC and prescription medicines. Some people get skin allergies when they took antibiotics (Unfortunately i’m one of them. Took antibiotic for UTI and after a couple of hours i developed itchy rushes all over my body). Some people will get better after the course of treatment was finished but later on they have to deal with the complications and repeat taking another medication again or worst – going back to the doctor for another health problem which is the result of the previous one.