Meet Den

Den Healthy Shades of Green

Hi! Welcome to my page! I’m DEN. A nature lover, an old soul and a happy wife. I grew up up in a small town of Magdiwang, Romblon. My mother used to treat me and my siblings with her natural home remedies that she inherited from her grandmother when i was a child. The healing power of natural remedies never fail to amazed me how it works. I am motivated every time i hear stories about people who were healed by nature.

I became a big fan of natural remedies after having a nummular eczema when i was 22 years old. It was then that i started figuring out alternative ways to be healthy to manage my symptoms after being dependent on prescription medications and later realized it’s side effects and various complications. This caused me to turn to natural health for answers and later on developed a passion for learning all about it.

I am not a doctor by any means but i hope to share my own knowledge and experiences about natural remedies and what I’ve learned from them through my mom and my great-grandmother. This was my inspiration to start this bog. I understand that the effects of natural remedies varies in each person, how one thing worked or didn’t worked for somebody but it’s always worth the try besides it’s cheaper (or free if you have your own garden) and it’s natural – meaning less or no side effects at all.

Thank you for visiting my blog! Please join me as i continue my journey for healthier living. If you have a natural remedy that you want to share that might help others, please send me a message on the contact tab and i will feature that on my natural remedies page. Thank you!